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Australian writer, Hannah Kent, who put Iceland on the shelves of readers around the world with her debut novel, Burial Rites, is releasing a new book in October this year.

Set in Ireland, 1825, The Good People also focuses on an outsider: a young boy, Michael, who cannot walk or speak and is rumoured to be a changeling causing bad luck throughout the valley.

A blurb from Kent’s agent, Curtis Brown, continues: “Down by the river, an old woman known as Nance Roche lives alone, acting as a ‘doctress’ to the community, a person said to possess knowledge from the Good People that enables her to cure inexplicable ills. With the arrival of a new priest and his determination to cleanse the valley of superstitious practices, the purity of Nance’s actions is called into question.

“As misfortune begins to befall Nance’s patients and her need to assert her importance to the community intensifies, Nora Leahy brings Michael to be cured. The women begin to banish the changeling and restore the healthy child, but as their desperation increases, their folkloric practices become more dangerous, until all their lives are in danger.”
After winning nine awards and being translated into multiple languages, it’s highly that The Good People will be a best-seller and, like Burial Rites, may even draw the attention of Hollywood. The IMDB has a film adaptation of the novel listed as “in-development” with speculation that Jennifer Lawrence may play the main character, Agnes.


In response to a fan’s query on the status of the film, Kent replied on her official Facebook account that: “Nothing’s confirmed yet!”

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