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This summer Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius, and Yorrick the King’s Jester will all take up residence in the palace’s halls and private chambers when Kronborg Castle presents Hamlet Live.

When visitors walk into the courtyard of Kronborg Castle, they tumble right into the story. The fate of Hamlet happens before their very eyes as they progress around the castle. Nobody knows who they meet and when. Suddenly Ophelia runs screaming through the courtyard. Hamlet fences with Laertes in the Great Hall and the Ghost appears shrouded in mist and glides through the dark and dingy passages beneath the castle.

The main story of Hamlet is told in a sequence of small scenes. However, sometimes the actors will reach out to the audience for good advice along the way, not as actors but as real live Renaissance people who might be glimpsed through the mists of time engaged in their everyday activities.

“It’s our hope that at Hamlet Live our honoured guests will discover how culture, theatre and this historic venue can merge into a truly unique experience that will warm and excite their hearts,” said Peter Holst-Beck, who is known for the theatrical success Korsbæk Bakken.

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Hamlet Live will run from June 1 to August 31 at Kronborg Castle.

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