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When Hildur Sif Thorarensen was getting ready to move from Iceland to Norway she didn’t realise just how much her life was about to change.

The 32-year-old had always wanted to live in Norway, and a course in medicine at Oslo University have her the opportunity she’d long been looking for.

“I feel like I’m in Iceland when I’m there,” she confessed. “Norway has a real feeling of community – people are so friendly and easy to approach.”

But it also meant brushing up on her Norwegian, and doing lots of preparation for medical school. On a break from her studies, Hildur started talking to a friend who revealed he’d been seeing a French vampire who lived in a dungeon.

“She even had snakes in her bed,” Hildur revealed. “At first I thought my friend was lying to me, but then he sent photos and I soon became a believer.”

Realising that truth is stranger than fiction, Hildur – who had studied creative writing at university and worked as a journalist – began writing a crime novel that could trump her friend’s outrageous tale.


Einfari: the first of many crime novels to come.

The result was, Einfari, which means Loner in English. Einfari tells the story of Alexander, an American with a Norwegian heritage, uproots his life in Boston to move to Oslo. There Alexander meets Hercules the “savvy homosexual with a great eye for detail” and Erik an ex-military brute, who help him find the murderer who killed an Icelandic man with a Cupid’s arrow.

By her own admittance, Einfari is a world away from typical Scandinavian crime.

“I’ve been reading crime for a long time, but Scandinavian crime is often very dark and gloomy,” Hildur said, quickly adding that: “My murders and my killers are quite gruesome, so don’t expect a walk in the park!”

She’s already hard at work on a follow up featuring Alexander and his friends and hopes that her work will eventually be translated into English.

“My next book will be more difficult to read emotionally – but still funny,” she added.

MY SCANDINAVIA: Hildur’s five favourite places

Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark, with all the colourful houses. I generally find all the bay areas in the city beautiful even though they are often very different.


Nyhavn (Photo by Mitchell Jordan)

The Westman Islands in Iceland. I lived there for a year and it is one of my favorite places in the world.

The Diamond Indian Cuisine restaurant at Majorstuen in Oslo, Norway. They have wonderful Indian food and it‘s a cozy, quaint place that’s great for a date.

The Opera House in Oslo. It is an architectural genius to allow people to walk on the roof and give them a place to view both the entire city as well as sea.

Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House (Photo by Mitchell Jordan)

The narrow streets in downtown Stockholm, Sweden, with all the small stores and artists playing music on various instruments.

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