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Riding the subway in Stockholm should come with a warning: get off at every station.

Said to be the longest art exhibition in the world, the 110 kilometre-long subway system redefines what public transport should, and can be. Okay, some are nicer (read: less tacky) than others, but seriously, what other city would even think of an idea like this?

If ever there was a city that proved the journey is just as important as the destination it’s Stockholm.

Stockholm subway

It might look like a cave, but this is one station that’s far from outdated.

Solna Strand

Black is the new black at Solna Strand. (Photo by Bo Li).

Solna Strand. (Photo by Bo Li).

At Solna Strand, it’s impossible to not have your head in the clouds. (Photo by Bo Li).

T-Centralen, Stockholm

No detective work is needed to figure out which station this is. (Photo by Bo Li).


Following the colours in Kungstradgarden. (Photo by Bo Li).

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