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Tivoli has unveiled the first images of its new three-in-one tower ride opening in April 2016. 

The new Fatamorgana ride is based on the HUSS factory’s Condor 2G. Tivoli’s in-house designers have added on a kiddie ride at the base of Fatamorgana in the shape of mini bumper cars. Older children and adults ascend the tower at two speeds: on the fastest ride, the passengers are seated back-to-back in a circle and slung around at a dizzying pace. On the more moderate ride, seating is in the direction of travel and the ride is at a more sedate pace, allowing the passengers to appreciate the view of Copenhagen’s streets from 30 metres up.

“Some of Denmark’s busiest streets pass Tivoli; space is limited, so we have to think out of the box,” explained Tivoli CEO, Lars Liebst.

“With Fatamorgana, the HUSS factory and our in-house designers have created a ride that gives us three new attractions in one, allowing us to achieve the vital development we need as an amusement park if we are to continue to attract Danish and international visitors.”

Tivoli’s designers were inspired by minaret architecture, contemporary art and design culture and the celebratory oriental architecture of Tivoli. Surrounded by oriental architecture and garden oasis passengers will be whisked away into the sky riding Gilded Winged Lions and Winged Oryx flying on Illuminated Magic Carpets in a never-ending case of predator and prey.

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