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When he turned 20, Jeremy Corallo had a realisation: he wanted to be an actor.

Leaving behind his hometown and old life in Marseille for the bright lights of Paris, he enrolled in an acting course at the Cours Florent School of Theatre and soon gained parts in several French TV series.

But Jeremy’s big break came when he scored a role in the Nordic Noir series, Midnight Sun, which exposed him to audiences around the world.

Jeremy plays Nadji, the teenage son of protagonist, Kahina Zadi, (Leïla Bekhti), a homicide investigator sent from France to Kiruna in Swedish Lapland, to help solve a series of grisly murders.

Out of France: Jeremy Corallo has found a whole new audience in Midnight Sun. (Image by Jennifer Rihouey)

Kahina is a complex and troubled character who has an equally troubled relationship with her estranged son. The relationship between the two is just as pivotal to the plot as catching the killer terrorising the small town of Kiruna. For Jeremy, the character of Nadji was irresistible.

“When I read the script, I dreamed about getting the role,” he said, also admitting to being a true fan of Scandinavian TV – particularly crime shows like The Killing and Borgen.

“I had the chance to shoot with Leïla Bekhti, a very kind actress, and a team of actors and directors from whom I’ve learnt a lot.”

Kiruna in Swedish Lapland. (Photo by Jessica Nildén)

While the role pushed him, it also took him to new places. Despite its relative proximity to France, he had never been to Sweden before and quickly developed an interest in the culture.

“You don’t necessarily learn all about a country only through its main city,” he said of his time in Kiruna, which is also inhabited by a number of Saomi people, whose own unique culture is also pivotal to Midnight Sun.

The success of Midnight Sun has already led many to wonder (and dream) of a sequel.

“I’m the wrong person to ask!” Jeremy said. Now he’s back in Paris he’s about to start a one-man performance along with shooting another French TV show.


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