So, you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and realised that anything reading EAT ME should be devoured in one greedy mouthful, and shrinking isn’t so bad after all, is it?

This project started out of a curiouser and curiouser fascination for a landscape and people/s so far-off it all seemed other-worldly, or at least as close to stepping into a wintry wardrobe as someone from the land down under could ever get.

Aside from countries, some of the other things we like include, but are not limited to: Turkish Delight, semi-colons, alliteration, dachshunds and Jack Russell Terriers, owls, milkshakes and moonlight.

If you’d like to listen, help, believe or anything else that’s nice, then please, do send us an email.


Your writer, enjoying Reykjavik.